Private Money: Real Estate Transactional Funding Program
We have private money available for you to profit in today's residential Real Estate market. From $25,000 up to $500,000 per transaction can be used to buy homes at distressed prices with all cash. Your credit or employment situation is not an issue and is not considered. You must, however, have a mortgage-qualified/owner-occupant Buyer already lined up to Close and take possession of the property within 90 days. To help with that--- we have a mortgage program for your end Buyers who have FICO scores above 600 and have 0 cash down payment towards the purchase price that they are paying to buy the property from you. They must be able to make their monthly mortgage payments. You are allowed to take back Seller second mortgages--- but your Buyer's new First mortgage must be large enough to payoff the 90 day financing that we provided to you to buy the property in the first place. You may add to our financing the money that you need to make repairs or refurbish the property--- but the property must be legal to occupy/live-in already on the day that you buy it using our money. You may be as creative as you wish in how to make this program work. You may find it beneficial to work closely with a Realtor and a handyperson. You may share your profits as you see fit.
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